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System Part Number: QC500-S

Replacement Cartridge: QC500-2


SKU: 364215376135191

    Function: Taste, Odor, Scale

    Standard 42 for bad tastes and odors including: Chlorine, chloramine, ammonia, organic nitrogen, iron, hydrogen sulfite; Class I Particulate reduction, Organics, THMs, Tannins 

    Ice + Brewed beverages: Low Volume


    PERFORMANCE Particulate Rating (microns): Initial Pressure Loss (psi): Chlorine Reduction (gal/gpm): 0.5 1.0-5.0 20,000/2.0


    SPECIFICATIONS Head Configuration: Single Temperature (F): 40-100 Pressure (psi): 40-125

    Height (inches): 20 Width (inches): 05 Depth (inches): 05 Shipping Weight (lbs): 5


    TECHNOLOGY Filter Housing: Polypropylene Cartridge Housing: PolypropyleneSelecto QC 500 mulit-purpose water filters

    For Juice, Coffee, Tea, Espresso, Cappuccino machines



    Capacity: 11,000 gallons Chlorine; 8,000 gallons Chloramine 

    Flow rate: 2.5 GPM 

    Min/Max Pressure: 30-125 psi 

    Min/Max Temp: 40°-100° 

    Inlet/Outlet size: 3/8" barbed standard 

    Shipping Weight: 4 lbs. 

    Size: 10/5/22"

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